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Have you ever felt like your partner talks an entirely different language than you? Women and men do speak distinct languages. It might help you learn the other’s language only a little bit better and so improve communication. Better communication might lead to better relationships. There are two fundamental differences in between male and female communication. The sex brain chemistry creates this communication distinction. For men, communication is typically used to resolve the problem and get the job done. And on the other hand, for a female connection is utilized for much more. Communication for the woman can be a way to solve a problem or\/and to minimize stress by raising her oxytocin, thus helping her feel better.

She also might use communication to create psychological bonding, to reinforce relationships, to excite her creative side, or as a way of self-discovery. This rather simple differentiation might lead to lots of stress in a relationship or even comprehended. If they take a time to understand the other vocabulary, there may be peace, harmony, and knowledge, where there could have once been distrust, bitterness, and downright hatred all due to lack of comprehension. When the male talks and is quite a matter of fact and usually directly to the stage, they’re not rude or overbearing. Their brain chemistry has them mull things through in their Cave man time silently and often alone.

Then when the problem is Solved, they talk or take action. A male mind is hard wired to resolve the problem and complete the job. And on the other hand, the female likes to speak about the issue together to fifty ways it might be solved. She gets an idea of what the consensus is, even when she does not go with the consensus to resolve the problem. It may have made her feel good to speak about it, discuss it and perhaps even think about it and discuss it a bit more times.